воскресенье, 7 апреля 2013 г.

The events in the analysed text ''Regret'' by Kate Chopin take place at the farm of Mamzelle Aurélie, the main character,-apparently in rural Louisiana. The setting of the events in the given story is realistic and it is presented in a general way which helps the reader to get into the atmosphere of the whole story. It also provides a background for action that contributes to our understanding of the main character, her life and social status. The main character is the owner of that farm and lives in her own house alone.

воскресенье, 31 марта 2013 г.

The story I've chosen ''Regret" is written by Kate Chopin, one of the earliest examples of modernism in the United States, famous representative of the feminist literary movement. She wrote about true feelings and insinuated that women had a sexual appetite and craved independence which made her stories taboo in her time period. It is thought that Kate wrote short stories because she was self-consciously experimenting with stylistic concerns as much as thematic ones. Though Kate was one of the first feminist writers, it wasn't her intention, she just wrote about life as she saw it. She had a different understanding of freedom and saw it as much more a matter of spirit, soul, character of living your life within constraints that the world makes.
The story ''Regret" also reveals a strong spirit of a woman's life. 

суббота, 30 марта 2013 г.

Hello! My name is Oxana Khomenko. As for me, creating a blog isn't a difficult task and I hope that working with it I'll get a new experience.
From the given list of stories I chose "Regret" by Kate Chopin. I think that this short story will be intersting and informative as it's name seems to be quite intriguing.